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Healthy Eating

I love my food. I love cooking food, eating food, dreaming, reading and talking about food. I am obsessed with food.   I have endless recipes on file, most of which I’ve never tried. However, finding delicious healthy recipes which excite me, now that’s another story.   I know all about the importance of sound nutrition, but I just can’t seem to get excited by it in the same way. I am easily seduced by the colour supplements featuring mouth watering, calorific, epicurean treats, but move swiftly on from the more earnest vegetarian delights. I want to get as excited by healthy eating….. or at least nearly as excited. So, that is the aim of this blog. To track down delcious healthy recipes with the help of others on a similar quest. Please use this blog to exchange healthy recipes, let me know what works for you and  help me wake up to the joy of healthy eating.


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